Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meet Katie Morris: Friend and Financial Advisor

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Meet Katie Morris from Veritrust Wealth Management. 
She is located in Lisle Illinois. 
She is a friend of mine as well as a valued customer. 

How did you first learn about Shaklee? Do you remember?
I had heard about Shaklee a couple times in various networking groups I was in. When I met you Moyra, I finally started to listen. I liked the idea of the safe cleaners for my home and my family.

Do you have a favorite product or products?
I love the laundry products. My youngest son has very sensitive skin and I use the products free of fragrance. The clothes seem cleaner and fresher after they are washed with the Fresh Laundry. The dryer sheets are awesome and last a long time. Anything for static cling?
----We also have a fabricsoftener that can be added to the wash load. There is some mild fragrance from botanicals. It really helps to soften sheets and towels and eliminate static cling.  

The kids vitamins have been great. We use theIncredivites. They have helped with the kids immunities. We find that my kids stay well even when we are around others who are sick.


There are many other companies and products out there. Why do you stay with Shaklee?
Shaklee seems to take great care to research their products and test them for safety.  Im impressed by the fact that they remove products from their product line when there are concerns about the production of them.  It says a lot when a company is willing to lower revenues by removing products from the lineup in order to maintain the level of quality and safety.  Also, all of the Shaklee distributors that I have known have walked the walked, not just tried to sell a product. They live a healthy life. 
I like that you are here to be an adviser to me and my health.

Are there any products that you wish Shaklee had?
Kids probiotics in a chewable form. ----We talked  about the Citriboost as an option to get a pre and probitoic in the kids when mixed with a smoothie or orange juice. I also recommend trying to encourage the kids to swallow the optiflora littlepearl with a straw to begin with. Pushing the straw increases the chance of success in swallowing. 

Make up. I love the skin care and wished they had a makeup line. --- of course we all miss the Minerelles make up line. I also love the Tarte makeup line that I find is very similar to what Shaklee used to have. I love the tinted moisturizer for a foundation. The concealer is wonderful also with the mascara and lipsticks. I find it at Ulta.

What does 2014 look life for you Katie ?

I have been blessed with a growing and thriving business. I love waking up every day and doing work I know I was born to do.  I also have three young children, so I am always working on balancing my time so I can be there for my clients and of course, my family.  So far, 2014 is off to a great start and I know there are many great things to follow.
To reach Katie for help with your financial future, find her at her website.