Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Octogenarians and the Business Opportunity with Shaklee

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I recently attended a Shaklee leadership conference in my area. It was a wonderful weekend of learning and hearing of great success in business as well as changes in health.
One of the most fascinating parts was when there was a section on the Octogenarians who are involved  with Shaklee.  These are folks that have lived 80 yrs or more. There were 5 people there who were in their 80's
They were asked to tell us how long they have been involved with Shaklee and why at their age would they be at a Leadership conference where we are setting goals for growth. 
The responses were fascinating....besides the fact that they all did not look 80 or more.

Ellie at age 85 said she has more people to help. She is doing what she loves and is still involved with planting trees to help the environment.

Lorraine at 81 stated that Shaklee is the best self improvement plan. She was here at the conference because she did not want to miss anything and she wants to learn and build.

Doris at 87 said that she is always inspired at meetings. She is grateful for her Shaklee business and grateful everyday that she can get out of bed and do what she loves.

A couple was there who were 89 and 93. They continue to do their business as it is changing lives. They have had so many joys and so many trips. Many they have helped are those children with ADD and ADHD. They encouraged all of us to keep reaching out to help the children of this world.
And Joan at age 81 said she feels a string obligation and dedication to sharing and learning. She said " Shaklee and I have such a positive effect on people how could I quit? " I was shocked to hear that last year she made $290,000. WOW.

Again all these folks are over 80 years old and still work. The income they make is impressive as well. They are contributing members of society.

This is one of the big reasons why I continue in my Shakleebusiness. I love working from home.  The idea of long term residual income is appealing. My husband can retire from his company and if I continue to help other people with their health and their finances with a business opportunity, we can enjoy income, freedom and a lifestyle that is abundant long into our later years.

I just received my Shaklee 1099 for last year. If you follow me on FB you know that I have had a pretty incredibly busy 2013: milestones for my family, my marriage and my birthday. Hockey, marching band, swimming, travel, lacrosse, a couple injuries for the kids and myself and more. Here is a why I started my Shaklee business and what my goals are. There is a great short video about Moms making a Difference. 
In that time I have continued to share Shaklee with others and train many moms and ladies who have joined my business.
I was pleasantly surprised to see over a $10,000 increase in my income last year.
I am almost at my goal this year of making $50K part time in Shaklee…….Although the way this year is starting off, I will be well past that by year end.
 I do work a little Shaklee in each one of my days but my job is not typical. That is one thing I LOVE about it.
This last weekend I was out of town with one of my sons hockey team. We watched 5 great competitive hockey games and had fun as a team with the parents. I also had a 3 way call with one of my leaders who had a customer who wanted to set up a plan for nutrition and Shaklee products for her family that was struggling with allergies, asthma and migraines. I was able to connect with them for an hour before one of the games. When I returned to the rink, one of the moms wondered about me working on Sunday.  My schedule is my own and I think its great that I can connect with my team, even when I am out of town, to help them grow their Shaklee business. That led to a few moms asking questions about theShaklee 180 products and wanted to try some of them for breakfast and also sharing them with their teenage children at home. Of course I travel with Shaklee products so I handed out some samples of the bars and smoothies and encouraged them to try them.

Being a Shaklee distributor is not for everyone but It is such a wonderful opportunity that I continue to share with others and hope that more will be open to.
Some that get involved in Shaklee are interested in the cash they can earn. Others like the other aspects of the compensation plan such as the trips, the cars, the upfront bonuses and more. Many I see as stated above have a passion for sharing the good world of health and smart supplementation with others as they have seen how many have been helped in the past. We also trust the products we recommend from a company backed by 57 years of quality products, tested and proven effective, pure and safe.

Think of what your future years could be like if you looked at Shaklee today. When you see some senior citizens, think of those who are still actively working in Shaklee, helping others and still getting an awesome income.
Start today and who knows what your future may hold.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please share your stories of success and better health with me. I love hearing those great stories.

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