Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Harley Pasternak's Life Lessons

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I was recently at a conference with my Shaklee colleagues where one do the special guest speakers was Harley Pasternak. He is a personal trainer and author who has trained some of the top A list Hollywood
Celebrities. He has written some great books about healthy eating, exercise and more.    I thought was he shared was worth sharing with you.

He said there are 5 things that you should ask yourself before bed each night.....and your answer to all of them should be YES. It is something to strive for for sure.

1.    Did you walk 5 miles today? Or 10,000 steps in other words. Harley mentioned that the average American walks only 5,000 steps. . He quoted several studies that talked about those that had added just walking more to their daily routine and the weight that they lost...without even really changing their diet. Or the different countries that walk much more than the Americans and how lower the rate of obesity is. Get out and walk. Use a Pedometer, Fit Bit or Nike bands..there are a lot of options out there.

2.    Did you do 5 minutes of resistance training? Resistance training increases metabolic rate. If you can strive for a higher resting metabolic rate, then you burn more calories...period. Harley mentioned that people lost 40% more weight when they added cardio AND resistance training.

3.    Did you sit for less than 5 hours today? Lots of news on the negative impact on your health when you sit. I like to sit on one of those large balls or I tend to feel more comfortable when I stand or have a high stool that I lean/sit on.

4.    Did I sleep at least 7 hrs last night? Night time is when our body rest and repairs itself. Harley also said that when you don't sleep well , many hormones are impacted, namely the hormones that help to tell us when we are hungry and when we are full. Hormones play an important role in controlling our weight. Namely leptin and  ghrelin . Weve also learned how obesity causes an imbalance in our hunger hormones. Shaklee has a wonderful product called Gentle Sleep Complex that has been a life saver for many who have a hard time staying asleep. It has Valerian root along with Chamomile to help promote a calm and restful sleep. 

5.    Did you eat 3 meals and 2 snacks today? Did they all include fiber and protein in each? Many times in order to achieve this, you need help or at least ideas and tools to help you achieve a healthy balance of food and the right type of foods.I love the Shaklee 180 app as it has many ideas, recipes, food and exercise tracking for those who are trying to lose weight as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is available when you are using the Shaklee 180 products and programs. Check it out at 

The fact is we are bombarded each day with messages about eating and eating and more eating. And spending and celebrating and more. We seem to live in an environment of over abundance. There is an over availability and accessibility of foods and dining but certainly an underaccessibilty to healthy food choices. We live in the real world that is full of road blocks. We want to make smart choices

I choose Shaklee for supplementation and protein shakes and others because I know it is a smart choice.The company has unparalleled purity and has spent over $250 million on research and testing. Harley mentioned some scary statistics. He mentioned that almost everyday there is news about the next supplement company with an issue. Just a few weeks ago in Canada, 75 people were hospitalized as a result of an issue with a supplement from some random company. Since 1983 - 250,000 people have been hospitalized due to problems with their supplement. The FDA sates that 70% of supplement companies break the law...in regard to putting in their supplements the best, purity and correct amount of nutrients.
It would be great to live with the need for food supplements but the reality is that our food supply is less than nutrient rich than it should be and we live a high paced and stressed world. Because of that it is most important to choose a company you can trust...one with standard second to none and a track record of quality and science. Shaklee is that company.

How will you answer those questions tonight? We aren't all perfect but I think there are some easy things we can strive for as we work toward living a healthier life.

For more info on Harley Pasternak: http://harleypasternak.com

For more info on Shaklee180: www.moyagorski.myshaklee180.com

For a free 1 hour practical nutrition consultation, contact me at moyagorski@shaklee.net or 708-977-7326

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