Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whats In Your Summer Bag?

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Here are a few of my summer favorites that our family does not live without.

Enfuselle 30 for the body: Shaklee has sunscreen and this is the bomb. It protects against UVA and UVB rays, is great for sensitive skin and in Shaklee style, a little goes a long way. I love it as when you put it on your face or especially the kids faces…it soaks right in. So gone are the dripping sunscreen that gets into the eyes and stings. And it even contains Vital Repair +, the powerful antioxidant blend that is in the Enfuselle skin care line…patented blend of nutrients that repairs and nourishes your skin. So repair while you protect. Yeah. Item #32556  $16.20 for a long lasting tube

Performance Hydration Drink: We are a family of athletes and although nobody is going
Shaklee Pure Hydration Drink
pro here we all need to be properly hydrated for great endurance and stamina.  We just love this drink. When you sweat, you lose fluids and electrolytes. You need to have a sports type drink to replace the electrolytes…you can’t get it from water. Performance is powdered, does not contain anything artificial, has less sugar than Gatorade and a better blend of electrolytes to hydrate you without stomach upset  Item #20497  $12.35 for 19 servings.

Calming Complex: This unique product from the Enfuselle product line is for your skin…and does just what the name implies….it calms the skin. If you get a sunburn or windburn, you apply this lotion to your skin for a wonderfully cooling effect. Even if you are a travelers and your skin is impacted by the change in atmospheric pressure, this will be of great help.  The beta glucan in this is soothing and protective from the environmental stresses. I went to Michigan last year without this product….I will not again. The kids were asking for it on the first few days they were in the sun…a little too long. Item #32538  $47.65 for 2 fluid ounces.

Shaklee 180 Snack Crisps: Ditch the chips and grab the crisps. These crisps are crunchy and delicious and packed in 100 calories bags for a quick and healthy snack. They taste great in either Sea Salt or BBQ flavor. They are the only crisp I know with plenty of protein per serving that helps to keep the hungry away and cravings under control. And isn’t that what we all want?  Crunch time! 

Enjoy your summer time. Make some smart choices before you go out the door so you have a great day enjoying the outdoors and time with family and friends.
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