Friday, July 5, 2013

Welcome to July

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Don’t you love the summer? I sure do. Slower pace, not such a tight schedule. Time for walks, relaxation, eating outside and day trips with the kids.

My husband mentioned yesterday while getting ready for our annual summer vacation and buying some pop, water and libations……He knew I wasn’t happy about having the pop around for the kids.  But as he said…It’s vacation. I of course disagreed with some of his purchases and said why do we have to go off course just because we are on vacation? I am the first to say enjoy yourself, have a little fun but try to keep some balance.

Shaklee believes that the summer time is a great time for fun. But we all agree that we can’t afford to cut corners on our health. Cut costs…yes….relax and take time for yourself and your family…yes….but keep an eye on your health.

For the month of July you can join us and begin taking control of your health. We believe that changing brands to the Shaklee brand of products can change your life. I have seen that for myself when we introduced Shaklee 13 years ago. My son had a drastic improvement in his allergies and asthma when we added supplementation, changed our cleaning supplies to Get Clean, made some changes in his diet away from all the sugar and carbs. Today he enjoys much better health, free of any allergies or asthma because someone challenged me to make a change…..small steps at first but now I’m all in. 

Are you ready? What do you get with that Free membership?

Access to over 200 natural health products from Shaklee at a 15% savings. And this membership does not need to be renewed….you have it for a lifetime… you can enjoy a lifetime of health.

You also get access to ME……who is here to help you and guide you through the sometimes confusing supplement and alternative medicine world. I am here to share with you all I know and make suggestions for you so you can enjoy the many benefits of the Shaklee product line.

And perhaps as you enjoy the products, you will fall in love with them as I did and begin to tell others. As a result others will want to join you…and you may make some money to pay for the products you now enjoy.
And perhaps as you learn about this wonderful company, backed by 55 years of health and wellness, steeped in environmental stewardship and backed by research and science, you will join me in a career in wellness…..Sharing the good word of Shaklee with others and enjoying an income and passion for health that will fill your life with many blessings both financially and health wise.

So back to the summer and vacation.
Stop at the farm stands and pick up the local fruits and veggies.
Find a yoga studio in the area and take a class.
Go for a long walk on the beach with the kids….looking for shells, rocks or other treasures.
Read a good book or two.
Use a good sunscreen on your face and your body…protecting from UVA and UVB rays.
Enjoy a sunset or 2.
Contact me for a cup of tea or a walk or a chat. Start today to make some small changes so to enjoy better health in the days and years to come.

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