Thursday, April 18, 2013

Long Winters Nap

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 It's been a long winter around here, very cold visiting first and then lots of snow. We are all ready for the arrival of spring and warmer temps. It's also been a long and rough winter for those getting sick. When people got sick, they really got sick. I even had a few days when I was under the weather....and I can't even remember the last time I was ill like that. Sometimes even when you eat right, supplement wisely and try to get enough rest, the sickness bug still hits.

I learned again the importance of a smart supplement program  with basic Shaklee supplements. 
A good place to start is with a Multivitamin\mineral supplement. I like to say build your house on a good foundation. Shaklee Vita lea is one of the most complete multis on the market today. All natural ingredients and clinically proven to be bio available to your body...being absorbed into your system quickly. Makes a difference so you are getting your money's worth. 

Add some B vitamins and vitamin C and that makes a good start.
A better plan would include all of the above plus a probiotic. Probiotics are those good bacteria that our intestinal system needs to stay healthy. We disrupt our intestinal flora by eating too much sugar, drinking alcohol, taking antibiotics, steroid medications and birth control. A smart probiotic will have a guaranteed delivery system to guarantee the little bacteria are live when they reach our lower intestine. The Optiflora probitoic from Shaklee has a patented delivery system....guaranteeing the delivery of good little pearl has as much acidophilus as would be in 1,000 cups of yogurt....and without all the sugar and calories.  70%+ of our immune system is in our intestinal track so keeping that happy and healthy will help to keep our immune systems strong. 

The best program I recommend is the Vitalizer PAC. This convenient daily vitamin PAC  
contains just 6 pills but contained in them are 80 bio optimized nutrients. Covering the bases from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega 3's and a probiotic. So simple yet so complete that we at Shaklee believe this to be the best foundational product for all. We even pay for your lifetime membership when you join Shaklee and begin with Vitalizer. ( that's a $20savings ) 

Most importantly for your medicine cabinet is the Shaklee Defend and Resist product. At the sign of the first tickle or sore throat, grab the D & R. This product contains echinachea, elderberry, zinc and larch tree extract. Echinachea is clinically proven to shorten the duration of an illness. I sometimes make this into a tea to sip but my kids love to crush it and mix it with Lemon Lime Performance hydration drink to drink. Hydration and good nutrients. 

No one is happy when they are sick. Sometimes the kids bring home the germs or you are in a public gathering with lots of germs being passed around. We live busy and fast paced lives that cause undue stress on our immune systems.

Whatever the case start your day with your vitamins. Give your body some natural and safe vitamins from Shaklee, a company you can depend on and many have for over 54 years for basic vitamins that help to keep your immune system strong.


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