Friday, April 26, 2013

Best Work from Home Business Op

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Have you ever thought about being your on boss? Working from home on a schedule that you make? Have you given up on your dreams or have you been dreaming again recently?

Working as a Wellness Consultant that represents the Shaklee product line, I am my own boss. I have a wonderful, ethical and quality company that stands behind me in support but Gorski Wellness and being a Shaklee distributor is my own business. 

It's not your typical 9-5 job. I set my schedule and plan my days. I have a full and busy life with my four
children, 2 dogs and a husband who owns his own business. My kids are a joy and yes a struggle at times. But I am proud that they have seen me help others, help our family financially and health wise.    It is not for  everyone....but I welcome you to think about the possibilities.

What if you could take your kids to and from school each day?
What if you didn't have to tell your son that you won't be able t go on the field trip with them because you have to work?
What if you could send our kids to private school or sign them up for a travel sports team?
What if you could Tell your friends about a new product that your like, that has helped you feel great and healthy and in turn you got a Thank You bonus check?
What if you could travel to exotic places all for free?
What if you could drive a new car that your business pays for?
What if you could begin building something today that will continue to pay of dividends long into the future?

You can have all that and more with Shaklee.
Shaklee is a 54 year old company, backed by science, quality and good works.
Shaklee's average customer has used products for 17 yrs.
Shaklee was the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral, completely off setting their carbon emissions.
Shaklee's Get Clean line of natural green cleaners is one of Oprah's Favorite things, are used on the Cousteau missions and are currently used in the White house and Vice Presidents residence.
NASA using our Astro-aid for its astronauts to help rehydrate them as they re enter the atmosphere after flight.
And there is lots more.......

This year has caused me to reflect on the past 13 years I have been involved with Shaklee. My oldest son Paul, who was the reason I began using Shaklee products back them, is finishing his senior year in high school and heading to college in the fall!

This has made me realize that I have lived my dream and am still living it today.
I have stayed home while my kids have grown up. I have developed a wellness business and grown it to the point where I earn  a great income, working part time. Shaklee has paid me each and every month in those 13 yrs. I have shared my health experiences and those of others and seen people's lives and health turned around.

I have made phone calls from the hockey rinks, I have done a makeover on fellow hockey moms in a hotel room. I have seen my business leaders cry as they shared how now because of Shaklee, they don't have to struggle financially anymore. My son Paul drives a car now that Shaklee pays the car payment for. I go to workout at a local health club and often then go to work upstairs in the tennis Lounge as I talk with a friend and lay out a plan to help them lose that baby weight that is still lingering. It hasn't been easy. It hasn't been glamorous. But I wouldn't t want it another way.

 I smile as I talk with my business leaders in my group. A group of young moms who are also building for their future while they are sharing the health of Shaklee with their friends. A yoga instructor who wants to learn about Shaklee so she can share a brand and company she trusts with her clients. A mom who is becoming an empty nester and is now pursuing her passion for wellness. 

Wont you join me? At least open yourself up to the possibilities.
At least start thinking about the what ifs......
Close your eyes and think of how it could be.
GoogleShaklee and Roger Barnett and see what you find.

Make the call.
Contact me today.
I know you will find a world of good!
I would love to share with you what a life of a Shaklee Distributor looks like.
What your life could look like with Shaklee in it. Dare toDream!

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