Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Healthy Tipping Point

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Have you reached your tipping point? Ready to get started on losing that weight?
I have had several conversation with friends recently about how they have reached their personal tipping long....and thus they are ready to talk about options that Shaklee has to offer to help them get to a healthier weight.
One gal said her son was turning five and she soon realized that it had been five years that she had been carrying around this extra weight.
Another called in mid December and said she was ready then to start. Why wait to the new year she said....I need to get healthy today.
Another mentioned she had just returned from the doctor and she was worried.
He had told her based on her blood work that if things did not change before her next visit, he was going to have to prescribe for medication for diabetes.

They were all ready now....they had reached that tipping point.
Committing to loosing weight can be a tricky proposition. We see the number on the scale, we feel the pants getting a little tighter, we need to let the belt out but many times We chose to ignore it.
It's not that bad.....
I'll start by diet tomorrow......
I can't do anything about it as you always gain weight when you get older.....

But then something happens to make us sit up and notice. That tipping point.

Great news! Shaklee has introduced a whole new weight loss program called Shaklee 180!
Clinically tested weight loss and a program the takes you beyond the Before and After to your happily ever after.
The program consists of shakes and bars for meal replacements, supplements to help boost metabolism, energizing tea and yummy snack.
Beyond the great products, you'll find supportive Shaklee180 community with all the tools and rewards you need to help you stay motivated , reach your goals and change your habits for good.

Can you image starting your day with a yummy smoothie...packed with protein to keep you full and satisfied, loaded with Leucine, an amino acid that helps you hold onto muscle while burning fat, and tasting some yummy that you think you are having dessert? 

If you leaned about a clinically tested program that was all natural, had a proven track record for helping thousands of people not only lose weight but keep it off,  had a 100% guarantee and even gave you the opportunity to earn your products for free by sharing with others....wouldn't you try it for 90 day???

Are you ready ?
Have you reached your tipping point?

Do you have 3 minutes to listen?
Call 1-(925)-924-3180 and listen to how Shaklee 180 can help you get to that healthier weight you have been dreaming about.
Then contact me and get started to today!!

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