Monday, October 22, 2012


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It was a busy hockey weekend at our household. We traveled out of town to a Showcase hockey tournament. When I see my boys play hockey , I am reminded how rigorous a sport hockey is. We all come home tired and in need of some rest..parents included. Having some specific hockey nutrition products can make a difference in how the boys play as well as recover.

A few Shaklee sports nutrition products that were used this weekend are related to Energy..some for my hockey player and some for methe hockey momShaklee Performance Hydration drink is used by my boys before, during and after games. It is a great drink that hydrates better than water and is free of anything artificial or unnatural. Being and staying hydrated during a hockey game is as important as having the right equipment and your skates sharpened. Many may over look hockey players as ones to need hydration due to the cold climate they play in. But this sport is stop and go where the players skate at a high intensity and sweat a lot, sometimes I might even say more than the football or soccer athlete.

Performance is clinically proven to hydrate better than water and Performance has more electrolytes as it  provides more energy than the leading brands of hydration drinks. As it hydrates it helps to increase endurance which leads to better athletic performance. And what hockey player doesnt want to be stronger, faster and better? Performance helps to minimize fluid loss as it maintains blood-glucose levels to sustain intense energy output and increase the stamina. Of course Shaklee Performance does this all without artificial flavors sweeteners or added preservatives.

The tournament wrapped up and we headed home. That is when this hockey mom needed some energy. I made sure I took some extra b vitamins along with my Cinch Energy tea in my water bottle. The Shaklee B complex is a great combo of all the essential b vitaminsand as we are stressed and live a busy life, we burn off our Bs. By Adding extra Bs you will find yourself feeling more energized for sureas I did. I love my Cinch energy tea……a natural blend of green, white and red matcha teaunsweetened and packed in a convenient single serving pac. I most often mix the powdered tea mix into a water bottle to enjoy it. It can be enjoyed hot as well.

Towards the end of our ride home, as the tired hockey players were sleeping in my car, I found I needed just a little more energy to get the rest of the way home. That is when I reached for my Energy Chews. These little green, lime flavored chews are always in my car.just for this reason. The Energy chews provide a nice clean burst of energy but most importantly what I needed was some increased focus. With the key amino acids L-tyrosine and L-theanine, these little chews provide increased mental alertness and focus. They don't leave me feeling jittery...just more focused and alert. And that helped for the ride home. Sometimes my hockey boys use a chew before a game.

Now I don't discount a good nights rest and regular exercise to help with feeling energized. But sometimes we just need a little help and for that reason I reach  for these Shaklee products.  And those hockey players.....a good night sleep and stretching helps greatly after a weekend tournament. But also adding some key hockey nutrition products are so important as they look to recover and get back on the ice.

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