Monday, July 2, 2012

Bell's Palsy and Vitamin B

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One of my favorite Shaklee vitamins is B complex. So many wonderful benefits of this supplement. This is a pretty great story that one of my customers shared with me recently.

Sometimes our bodies send out warning signals....symptoms the doctors call them....telling us that we are are deficient in some nutrient. Sometimes just adding one small thing can make those symptoms go away , never to return.In this case it appears that this gal was lacking some B vitamins.

Bell's Palsy and Vitamin B

Back when I was a manager in the work world, I was under a lot of stress and one afternoon I was in a meeting with developers and testers for software development and as I left the office I told one of the people that I felt like I had a stroke, I was numb on one side.  She suggested I go to a doctor right away, but as happens so many times it was 4:30 and the doctor's office told me they were closed and if I really thought it was an emergency go to the ER.  Well we didn't have a lot of money so I decided to sleep on it and see how I felt in the morning.

In the morning, I felt much the same and it was a Saturday, so I went into the clinic and talked to the doctor.  He said I had Bell's Palsy and I was chastised for not taking care of it sooner - that figures!  Any way he put me on medication and sent me home.   I had no feeling on the right side of my face and I couldn't drink or eat because I didn't have any control of those muscles.

On top of work all of the relatives were coming to stay with us because my daughter was graduating from high school - so more stress.  One of the things I noticed after a couple of days was that I felt really dizzy.  I called the doctor and he just said "sorry that's what the books say to do".  I talked to a pharmacist nurse and she thought that since the meds were addictive, the dosages were not right, but she wouldn't of course be able to go against a doctor's orders.

Well since I was a computer professional, I jumped on the internet and hoped I would find some good information.  What I did find was a doctor that stated every time he saw someone with Bell's Palsy it was not really stress related, but was a deficiency in Vitamin B and that you needed certain dosages.  He actually mentioned Shaklee as having an excellent B Vitamin complex.  So I followed his recommendations to take double dosages of Vitamin B for 2 weeks.

Actually since the meds were making me feel weird, I went cold turkey off the meds and doubled up on the Vitamin B complex from Shaklee for 2 weeks.  The Bell's Palsy went away and today you can't even tell I had it.  The doctors told me it would come back every 6 months and there was nothing I could do about it.

But it has never come back.  There have been times when my face feels like it is dry and stretched, but if I double up on the Vitamin B for a couple of days it goes away.

Of course the doctors around here don't believe my story, but I know it was the Vitamin B that helped me come back.

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